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Save thousands with simple math


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We provide the same service as a traditional brokerage yet at a reduced cost.  We are able to offer this because of several reasons. More work is being done by the client and technology. Plus we have streamlined the process. Finally, the cost of homes has increased so much that we can work on thinner commission.

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Agents that know the market know how to help you the most in this fast-changing market.


With up to $15,000 to spend after closing, you having the flexibility you need during and after deal. You know you will money to buy things for your new home or make improvements.


You get to play an active in helping local charities, non for profits or fundraisers 501(c)(3). 5% of the gross commission goes to an organization of your choice

Why use us?

Seller’s Incentive Benefits Disclosure

Typically on home sales, a seller pays their agent a 3% commission on the final sales price plus 3% for the buyer’s agent representation. Incentive Realty only charges 1% to represent the sellers. This saves the seller 2%, with a total cost of 4% paid instead of 6%. This is a huge savings to sellers with full-service representation and marketing of their home. Additionally, the sellers can pick from a list of local charities that Incentive Realty has yard signs already designed for. The charity that is on the sign will receive a donation of 5% of Incentive Realty’s commission after the home is sold. Example: $350,000 sales price with 1% listing fee to Incentive Realty would result in ($350,000 x 1%) $3,500 commission. A donation to the seller’s charity of $175 ($3,500 x 5%).

After closing, a check will be sent to your address within 45 days with a self-addressed envelope to the charity. You can mail the check-in, or personally deliver it.

By using this program, you agree with the following.

  • You will take a pictures with your incentive.

  • Pay 3% to the buyer's agent.

  • We, along with the charities, can use your image and testimonials in our marketing and social media advertising.

  • You will post a picture of you with your item on Facebook and/or Instagram.

  • Allow additional signage, during the listing of home, to promote the service offered by Incentive Realty.

Tokens of Change®

Only one token can be used per purchase or sale while using Incentive Realty. The first token presented by the seller or buyer will be the receiving charity 501(c)(3). The amount on the token will be paid directly to the charity. non-for-profit or fundraiser 501(c)(3).

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