Buyer’s Incentive Benefits Disclosure

The majority of home sales give a 3% commission to the agent representing the buyer. Within 15 days of closing on your new home using one of our agents, Incentive Realty will take 5% of the gross amount of the selling price, and pay it to a local (501c3) of your choice. You can choose whether you want to give the check, or if you want us to send it directly to the charity. An example of this is a $300,000 house sale price with a 3% buyer’s agent commission would result in a donation of $450 (($300,000 x 3%) x 5%) to the buyer (s) selected charity:

Charity #1. _______________________________________________________________

Percentage to Charity #1 (circle one) -  100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

Charity #2. _______________________________________________________________

Percentage to Charity #2 is the remaining balance after Charity #1

Additionally, Incentive Realty will take 40% of the 3% buyer’s commission with a maximum amount of $15,000 and buy for the buyer (s) items for their home after closing. These items can include, but not limited to, big screen tv, refrigerator, oven, BBQs, furniture, repairs to the home. These items are a gift to you in exchange for the following considerations:

  • You will take a picture with your incentive(s).

  • We along with the charities can use your image and testimonials in our marketing and social media advertising.

  • You will post a picture of you with your item on Facebook and/or Instagram.




  • Buyer to select items that will be purchased by no later than 90 days after closing. If after 90 days, or when the balance reaches less than $500, or when we determine necessary, the balance will be sent to the buyers.

  • You will be required to complete a W-9 prior to any funds being disbursed. The gifted items will be considered income by the IRS.

  • You will be responsible for the item. IR does not offer a warranty or guarantee. You will be required to work with the manufacturer or store where the item was purchased if an issue occurs.

  • You will be responsible for the delivery of your items. If the store does offer delivery you can use your incentive to pay for the delivery.

  • No other offers are offered in conjunction with this offer. Only available for 1 to 4 residential unit purchase zoned residential.

  • Minimum $500 transaction per purchase.

  • You will be given a gift receipt and will be responsible for warranty, returns, and delivery of item (s).

  • Buyers are responsible for understanding the commission of 3%. If less, than you can ask for 3% in the negotiations.

  • Incentive Realty is allowed to use your likeness in marketing materials and social media.

  • Reimbursement option - Buyer can be reimbursed for purchase only when the sum of the reimbursement reaches over $750. The buyer will need to provide a receipt and a picture with the item.






I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to the above policies and procedures for participating in the seller’s incentive with Incentive Realty.


Seller’s Incentive Benefits Disclosure

Typically on home sales, a seller pays their agent a 3% commission on the final sales price plus 3% for the buyer’s agent representation. Incentive Realty only charges 1% to represent the sellers. This saves the seller 2%, with a total cost of 4% paid instead of 6%. This is a huge savings to sellers with full-service representation and marketing of their home. Additionally, the sellers can pick from a list of local charities that Incentive Realty has yard signs already designed for. The charity that is on the sign will receive a donation of 5% of Incentive Realty’s commission after the home is sold. Example: $350,000 sales price with 1% listing fee to Incentive Realty would result in ($350,000 x 1%) $3,500 commission. A donation to the seller’s charity of $175 ($3,500 x 5%).

After closing, a check will be sent to your address within 45 days with a self-addressed envelope to the charity. You can mail the check-in, or personally deliver it.

By using this program, you agree with the following.

  • You will take a picture with your incentive.

  • Pay 3% the buyer's agent.

  • We, along with the charities, can use your image and testimonials in our marketing and social media advertising.

  • You will post a picture of you with your item on Facebook and/or Instagram.

  • Allow additional signage, during the listing of home, to promote the service offered by Incentive Realty.

Tokens of Change®

Only one token can be used per purchase or sale while using Incentive Realty. The first token presented by the seller or buyer will be the receiving charity 501(c)(3). The amount on the token will be paid directly to the charity. non-for-profit or fundraiser 501(c)(3).

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