Founded in 1958, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries provides food, safe shelter, clothing and recovery programs for homeless men, women, and children. The key to ending homelessness is hope, and you find that in abundance at the Mission. For more information or to donate, please visit.

At Boise Rescue Mission Ministries, we recognize that each veteran is unique, and we are committed to caring for veterans of all ages — young and old. Our Veterans Ministry Program is specifically catered to the needs of veterans, offering food and shelter, as well as care and counseling on a case-by-case basis.

We believe that caring for our community’s veterans is a long-term commitment, which is why we follow up regularly with all of the veterans who have gone through our VMP, visiting them in their homes and continuing the relationship of support and accountability they found at Boise Rescue Mission Ministries.  Boise Rescue Mission - Veterans

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